FAJARA, The Gambia, Gambia
A VISION to improve, strengthen and promote the biomedical engineering profession in the Gambia,to advance the healthcare technology management systems and to contribute to the overall health interventions in the Gambia and the sub-region at large.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


                              CONSTITUTION (BYLAWS)

1.   NAME

The name of the association shall be known as Association of Biomedical Engineering Technologist (ABET)


The address of the association is;
Atlantic Boulevard,
MRC Laboratories


To improve, strengthen and promote the biomedical engineering profession in the Gambia, to establish and advance healthcare technology management systems in the Gambia and contribute to the overall health interventions in the Gambia and the sub-region at large. 


a)   To provide a network for biomedical engineering technologists working in the Gambia to exchange knowledge and share experiences. 
b)   To provide a platform for continued professional training to biomedical engineering technologists.
c)   To link biomedical engineering technologists in the Gambia with online communities of BMETs working in Africa and further abroad.
d)   To educate the membership about best practice in the biomedical engineering profession, including access to online resources.
e)   To consult with health professionals in the Gambia on issues affecting health technologies.  


6.   Association membership is open to any individual with technical training who is currently working or has past work or attachment experience in the biomedical engineering field.

7.   All decisions reflecting outside this constitution shall be voted by two-thirds of the general members


a)   Chairperson – overseeing governance of the association, organizing member
     education and chairing meetings, linking with the International Federation of Medical and Biomedical Engineering (IFMBE)

b)   Secretary – organizing meetings, keeping records, taking minutes and circulating them

c)   Public relations officer – communicating the association’s purpose and activities to the wider community
e)   Finance officer – keeping financial records and governance of association’s finances

f)    Webmaster– manages the website content, keeps it up to date


a)   The term of office for the elected executive membership expires every two years

b)   An executive officer shall not be qualified for re-election for the same post after he/she has served two consecutive terms of office.

10.       MEETINGS

a)   All members of the association will meet monthly during the first week of the month.

b)   Quorum for the general membership meetings shall constitute half the membership plus one.

c)   If members who are within the country fail to attend meetings for four consecutive meeting, the executive committee shall review the eligibility of their membership in the association and where necessary give recommendation to the general membership for their dismissal from the association.    

11.       AMENDMENTS

      Amendments or revisions to this constitution must be submitted to the Executive Committee for inclusion in the agenda of the next general meeting. Amendments or revisions require the approval by a simple majority of those voting.

12.       FINANCE

     The association may be financed or obtain financial assistance by the members’ dues, fund raising ventures, Ministry of Health, WHO, MRC Laboratories, Biomedical Engineering Associations worldwide, NGOs and Philanthropists.

a)   Budget - A finance committee led by the association’s finance offer will be set up by the general membership to prepare an annual budget proposal. This proposal may be adopted as is, or amended by the general membership prior to adoption.

b)   Dues – There will be membership dues for all prospective members of the association. There will also be annual dues for all members of the association. All dues shall be determined by the general membership.

c)   Expenses – The executive committee may authorize the expenditure for all budgeted funds of the association. The executive committee may authorize the expenditure of unbudgeted amounts up to D1000.00 without approval of the general membership.

13.       DESOLUTION

          If any member should propose desolation of the association, notice should be given to all the general membership of the association. The vote will be majority of the members who are present in a general meeting. Should the vote for the desolation be approved, the remaining funds of the association shall be donated to a non-profit organisation of the general membership’s